We are a company with a deep focus on Geotab feed integration, Noregon api enrichment for fault codes, Restful Api for web or mobile applications, ElasticSearch and MongoDB for storage. We count with several years of experience in Amazon Web Services integrations.


With more than 5 years of experience working with Geotab, we acquired a deep knowledge of their feed and plugins integration. We focus on real-time parsing and processing status, faults, position and getting fleets and VINs information with our set of bespoke tools.

Our expertise allows us to alert any fleet on real-time about faults and status, including the ability of integration with Noregon to enrich the fault to see the severity and possible cause.

Bosch – Noregon diagnostic

After several implementations, our tools allow you to get real-time information about your fleets and their status. We have an extensive experience working with Noregon diagnostic apis and Bosch diagnostics.


All our Restful apis implementation run over Docker, helping us to scale easilly your application while your company grows.


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